grieving statue

It Is Not That I am so Old—
It is More That I Exist Outside My Own Understanding

B.A. O'Connell

I saw the stone tumble away from the tomb—which is not to say I saw it in person—but I have imagined it many times over in a cold rush of desperation—could I be living again? 

neon pink angel wings

When I Dream, I am a Bubblegum Pink Manic—An Electric Wire on A NYC Subway

B.A. O'Connell

Yesterday I saw an angel—she was wrapped up in a yellow cardigan—bright, striped

baby foot

the psychology of excreta

Elisha Oluyemi

i know a mother who peeks from the distance and / runs from her child

woman's hand holding cigarette

God Apologizes to the Prophets

Delilah McCrea

in a hastily made whatsapp / group chat. / The message reads simply: / im so sry  

monarch butterfly emerging from chrysalis


James Lilliefors

Hope sleeps like / a dangerous thought, / waiting for the day. / But there are things / you must go through first

tangled american flag

Passport Photograph

Lachlan Chu

I smile for the camera, sure to look it in the eye, / to sit clockhand straight, to hold my breath. / I will be an American today.


Missing pages from the baby book

Sarah B. Cahalan

Underwater, the milk you produce / is an oily suspension / You could marble paper with it

water lily in rain


Nidhi Agrawal

On the riverfront steps / Cream of the lotus' top petals departed / Shapeless anatomy

x-ray of human ribcage


Nidhi Agrawal

We are born with muscles and bones, / Padding the spaces between our spines

words "predator vs. predator masters" over heat map


Ander Monson

Because we are made to be against--/ because we are so pitted, only in our opposition / can we find meaning.

bowl of chili peppers

Hot Sauce 

Erin Jamieson

your words blister in my mouth / before sunrise, before my body wakes