Missing pages from the baby book

Sarah B. Cahalan

Underwater, the milk you produce is an oily suspension You could marble paper with it for a finely bound copy of Paradise Lost Underwater, the milk you absentmindedly spray from yourself is a jellyfish bloom a deep-sea volcano Lava arcs through the depths Islands form Do it on purpose, nipple right at the surface and you can pretend a whale is spouting warm air and frothy droplets wallowing in the bathtub or the shallows at the beach Welcome to your lactation journey You’re emitting nutritive energy now You’re leviathan now You’re the void and the shapes within it

Sarah B. Cahalan writes about art, books, natural history, landscape and human connections in the context of deep time, as well as the layers of places and how those correspond with our own layers as people moving through time and place. She is based in Ohio (USA).