white cathedral ceiling with gold embellishments

Little Prayers

Ayiyi Joel

Let there be the weeding & pulling      of grief / Ploughing his heart       in the field of his body

close up shot of a young boy's face

Black Boys Don't Love

Ayiyi Joel

There's a way the body learns to outpace / Everything that desires to strip it off blood.

neon sign in the shape of the planet saturn against blue brick background

Outside this Planet, Have You Seen a Movie Depicting a Planoconvex Love?

Israel Okonji

there will be squalls in mayfair tonight — a jazz club, you know, she said, / releasing her thumb from her phoneʼs screen.

woman's face with snake

Our Heart, the Unrelenting

Daniel Schulz

Wrapped around her thighs like serpents, / she kneels on a sea of hands.

pink fuzzy dice hanging from car mirror

Rolling Like Dice / Letting Go

Daniel Schulz

The weekend accumulated like a stash of dishes / like a cloud of static locked in the box / of a TV set.