Rolling Like Dice /
Letting Go

Daniel Schulz

The weekend accumulated like a stash of dishes like a cloud of static locked in the box of a TV set. The antennas weren't working, the connection was lost. I've made myself the promise to challenge myself and find new forms of love. A tongue crawling down my skin like a snail, waking the corpse of my body. Nothing locked in,  so that grass blades can grow between my fingers,  like caresses, air waves of tenderness leaving goose bumps of lust. It haunts you,  how little you may have lived. You gamble, taking existence into your own hands, throwing it  down the street like a roll of dice, letting it go to win.

Daniel Schulz (he/him) is a U.S.-German writer known for Kathy Acker in Seattle (Misfit Lit 2020) and publications in journals such as Mirage, Gender Forum, Fragmented Voices, Versification, Cacti Fur, The Wild Word, Outcast Press Journal, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Word Vomit, Dipity, Flora Fiction, Steel Jackdaw, anthologies such as Heart/h (Fragmented Voices 2021), Get Rid of Meaning (Walther König Verlag), and his chapbooks Welfare State and No Change to Abuse (Back Room Poetry 2023). IG: @danielschulzpoet