God Apologizes to the Prophets

Delilah McCrea

in a hastily made whatsapp group chat. The message reads simply: im so sry followed quickly by 4 everything Its 3am on the east coast and God is drunk, and also coming down from an LSD trip. God thinks he experienced ego death, but really he just felt empathy for the first time. Now God and his roommates are smoking on the back porch, reading each other Wallace Stevens and occasionally checking tinder. Most of the Prophets won’t see this message until morning. But your lying awake in your detroit apartment googling “I want to die” again, when you get the notification. You didn’t think it possible to feel every emotion at once until this moment. You get up and walk outside without a plan. You look up at the moon. It’s so beautiful tonight. Then you scream, until your voice disappears.

Delilah McCrea is a trans-anarchist poet. She loves the NBA and knows the lyrics to every Saintseneca song. Her work can be found in Vagabond City, Gordon Square Review, Petrichor, Night Coffee Lit, Hobart After Dark and her website https://dtmccrea.wordpress.com/