When I Dream, I am a Bubblegum Pink Manic—An Electric Wire on A NYC Subway

B.A. O'Connell 

I like my lips best when they are the color of a soft purple bruise; I like to be a sudden and sweet burst of color on the peripheral—taking others by surprise can sometimes be a bitter experience; but I like it anyway. Yesterday I saw an angel—she was wrapped up in a yellow cardigan—bright, striped; she had green hair and a message just for me—but I couldn’t understand it; I spent all afternoon looking for her again in the hopes she would translate for me—but when the flame of the sun gave way to the oil of night, I returned to my little existence and thought about forgetting heaven.

B.A. O'Connell was born and raised in Lockney, Texas, alongside a family they can't tell you about, or they'd have to kill you. Their chapbook, Sewn, Together, Anew and their novella, As I Want to Remember It are available on Amazon. Find out more about their creative projects @ baoconnell.com—also follow along on their twitter @OnceIateataco and their tumblr—hellishrebukesystem.tumblr.com